Thursday, February 10, 2011

DOG GONE IT....should dogs be leashed or unleashed on the Quay Promenade?

Summer is coming and so are the dogs.  With Winter starting to give way to the warm breezes and floral bulbs of Spring, the profileration of the dog population is about to explode on the the Boardwalk. 

Some residents are concerned that dog owners will ignore the 'leash-always' rule imposed by the City.  The Quayside Community Board (QCB) is extremely pro-dog but recognizes that this incredible walk-way is to be shared and enjoyed by everyone ...including those that are intimidated, frighten or simply do not like dogs.

Do you think the QCB should continue its vigilance and inform owners of the rules through the website and on the Boardwalk?  Will you tell the 'unleashed' to leash-up when you see them?  What do you think we can do to get the message across in a nice way?

Give us your opinions