Thursday, February 3, 2022

Quayside Community Board [QCB] Mourns Sudden Passing of President Robin Howard


 [New Westminster] It is with great sadness the executive and members of the Quayside Community Board [QCB] announce the unexpected passing of recently elected President Robin Howard on Monday, December 6th, 2021. 

Robin is survived by his wife Terry Aske and is resolutely missed by the members of the Quayside Community Board and the Quayside community at large.  Robin was a results-driven president for the QCB and followed in the footsteps of past presidents with a sense of pride and purpose in his Quay community. 

Robin and Terry could be seen walking the New Westminster Esplanade/Boardwalk frequently.  As a result, Robin’s positive attitude and personality made him the perfect brand Ambassador for the QCB.  His exceptional work ethic made Robin a logical addition to the impressive list of past presidents who have preceded him. 

Robin was elected in March of 2021 as the newest QCB president and faced many challenges not seen by past presidents such as, event cancellations, social distancing, COVID-19, and ever-changing restrictions and protocols – not to mention initiating serious discussions of Quay issues. Robin maintained the momentum of the great work done by the QCB over unrelenting and challenging times.  Toward this end, Robin embraced technology in order to arrange regular monthly board meetings and produce an exclusive video-conferencing Q&A meeting with New West Mayor Cote [Feb 24, 2021].  Robin will be known for his leadership in taking the QCB into the digital age, giving the QCB the ability to function in an online environment with ease and effectiveness - a significant accomplishment for so short a time in service. 

Robin moved from Burnaby in 1989 and resided in both the Westport and Lido condo complexes in the Quayside community.  He made his skills available to the strata boards of these two complexes, giving him a working understanding of what being president of 20 buildings, 2749 condo units and more than 6000 residents.  

In a past New West Record article by Theresa McManus, Robin professed that he “looked forward to contributing to this great community”.  In his time as president and his over three decades as a resident of the Quay – he lived up to his desire to contribute great things to our vibrant community. 

“Thanks, Robin, for a job exceptionally well done!” concludes the QCB.  


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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

It's that time of year again!  Yep - time to get out your boxes of Christmas decorations, contact your friends and 'Light Up' in time for the holidays.  Not the cannabis 'Light Up' - the Christmas Lights type of 'Light Up'.  And while your at it, ask your friends to bring a non-perishable food item to donate to a local Food Bank. 

Lighting up your balcony or Lobbies, gives those who visit the Quay a strong spirit of the holidays.  It is our desire to make the Promenade/Boardwalk and Quayside Drive New Westminster's best Candy Cane Lane!

Happy Holiday's!

PS: If you are interested in volunteering to host a box for food in the lobby of your building and taking it to a local food bank as it fills up - we would love to hear from you.  Email us at | SUBJECT: Food Bank Volunteer

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

RAIL NOISE, VIBRATION and POLLUTION are on Federal radar thanks to Quay citizen

Updated: Read how citizens are gaining support in their casue to reduce rail noise and pollution as well as how one Quay resident has been able to get the Fed involved.  Read about it below or return to the home page at

Could it (should it) become an election issue this October?  Has the wall of concrete towers only served to make the problem louder and the pollution more contained?  A number of residents are taking up the cause to see if their collective voice will bring any positive change to life at the Quay ...with trains.

This issue has had a nearly 2 decade history with the QCB and the City - and yet it is clearly still an issue of concern to those who live at the Quay.

Here is a chance to have your voice added to the conversation.  PLEASE BE POLITE and ensure your comments advance the discussion forward.  If you are going to repeat twenty year old comments such as 'The trains were here first ' or 'You shouldn't have moved into the area if you knew there were trains' - please save your voice - these are old comments and do not serve to see if there is a    real way forward to this considerable and real problem.

Read how 'The Feds Are Going To Start Monitoring CN' post here....
Read 'The Trains Were Here First' Lame comment here...
Read about 'Rail Pollution & Growing Support' here ... 


There is little doubt that the majority of dogs seen on the Quay today are what one might term as ‘pocket pooches’.  While many are small and adorable, some come with an attitude the size of a lion.  You don’t see many larger breeds anymore such as Labs and a resident has recently discovered the possible reason why – restrictions by strata’s.

Understanding pet ownership is a sensitive discussion, a resident has submitted some thoughts on how to better ascertain whether a dog – big or small – would make for a good ‘resident’ of a building.  Rather then base a pet’s acceptance on their size alone, perhaps strata’s should be looking at their behaviour and training as a more accurate indicator.

As this resident points out, we don’t stop people from buying condos at the Quay because of their weight, why then is this the litmus test for dogs?  We thought it might be a good discussion to have as the Quay is a well known dog-lovers environment. You can voice your thoughts (politely please) via facebook here or visit our blog spot to have your say here.


Here is the resident’s ‘Letter to the Editor’ to open the discussion CLICK HERE

Friday, May 18, 2018


Do you live at the Quay in a ground floor suite?  Do you have your car parked in an underground space?  Do you have storage units in a sub-basement in your complex?  Have you made plans to stay elswhere should Quayside Drive flood preventing access to your condo?  Do you have an emergency kit or plan should the waters rise to flood level?

These are the questions the QCB wants you to ask yourself during this HIGH WATER THREAT.  While we have not witnessed severe flooding in the Quay area in the recent past, there is no stopping mother nature if she wishes to remind us that she is in control.

So what are you planning to do?  Share your 'preparedness' with your fellow Quaysiders. Stay safe!

PS: With the water level at the same level as the Boardwalk, a wave from a tug boat can easily wipe away a tiny pet in a flash.  Please stay off the wooden Boardwalk until further notice from the City.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Let’s Face It! The Quayside community has some of the most enviable views in the entire lower mainland. Whether north to the mountains, or south to the Fraser River and beyond – the New West Quay is spectacular.

So, now that an entire condo complex has agreed to sell [required 80% of owners to agree] in New West at 65 First Street, how long before other complexes/buildings jump on the developer band wagon. Along the Promenade/Boardwalk of New West there are a number of low rise buildings with 60 plus units ripe for the picking. Some (if not most) are coming up to 30 years old and there comes a point when strata might best serve the owners by stopping the pumping of money into costly and continuing repairs and consider opting for the new ‘developer solution’.
Image if some of these buildings agreed to sell and a developer was able to build tower(s) up to 50 stories tall in there stead as BOSA has done? Imagine if all those owners who sold, not only received a generous sum of money for their places but also were given an opportunity to purchase prime-view units at discount prices as well. Seems pretty tempting! Image a totally new up-to-date suite and a large sum of money in your bank account – simply for saying yes to a developer.
Some building owners might balk at the thought, but a lot of money and a new place to live is pretty tempting. Given New West’s penchant for allowing monster towers along our shoreline – the only thing apparently standing in the way of this movement are the condo owners themselves. The City and the Developers certainly seems primed and ready to jump into action should anyone show any indication that their condo building is up for sale.
What DO You Think? Good or Bad Idea? Have your say on our BLOG SPOT

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The popular and well-attended AGM for the QCB is February 7th, 2018.  One aspect that makes the QCB AGM a draw, is their ability to attract entertaining Guest Speakers who offer commentary on current and relevant topics that affect the Quayside community.

More bus shelters?  Rail connection between Queensborough Ferry Dock to the Casino?  The elections coming this Fall?  Fibre Optic update?  Quayside Drive Rail crossing completion?   Flooding? Boardwalk repairs? ....the topics are seemingly endless.

Are there any issues you would want covered?  Are there any speaker who you think would like to speak and be well received?  It is an election year, would you like to hear anything on this issue?

There is time to the QCB to engage speakers that you would like to see - so have your say.

Please put your comments here so we can all share them or Email us at / SUBJECT AGM 2018.