Wednesday, July 18, 2018

RAIL NOISE, VIBRATION and POLLUTION are on Federal radar thanks to Quay citizen

Updated: Read how citizens are gaining support in their casue to reduce rail noise and pollution as well as how one Quay resident has been able to get the Fed involved.  Read about it below or return to the home page at

Could it (should it) become an election issue this October?  Has the wall of concrete towers only served to make the problem louder and the pollution more contained?  A number of residents are taking up the cause to see if their collective voice will bring any positive change to life at the Quay ...with trains.

This issue has had a nearly 2 decade history with the QCB and the City - and yet it is clearly still an issue of concern to those who live at the Quay.

Here is a chance to have your voice added to the conversation.  PLEASE BE POLITE and ensure your comments advance the discussion forward.  If you are going to repeat twenty year old comments such as 'The trains were here first ' or 'You shouldn't have moved into the area if you knew there were trains' - please save your voice - these are old comments and do not serve to see if there is a    real way forward to this considerable and real problem.

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  1. I didn't realize just how noisy it was at the Quay until I moved away - now I get the best sleeps I have had in over a decade. I agree - what was once an industrial yard the City of New West has allowed to become a neighbourhood - therefore the city should be doing significantly more to deal with these un-neighbourly issues.