Friday, May 18, 2018


Do you live at the Quay in a ground floor suite?  Do you have your car parked in an underground space?  Do you have storage units in a sub-basement in your complex?  Have you made plans to stay elswhere should Quayside Drive flood preventing access to your condo?  Do you have an emergency kit or plan should the waters rise to flood level?

These are the questions the QCB wants you to ask yourself during this HIGH WATER THREAT.  While we have not witnessed severe flooding in the Quay area in the recent past, there is no stopping mother nature if she wishes to remind us that she is in control.

So what are you planning to do?  Share your 'preparedness' with your fellow Quaysiders. Stay safe!

PS: With the water level at the same level as the Boardwalk, a wave from a tug boat can easily wipe away a tiny pet in a flash.  Please stay off the wooden Boardwalk until further notice from the City.