Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Many on the Quay will remember being wrapped in house coats in front of glowing fireplaces  waiting out one of the coldest 'snaps' in recent history.  It was so cold,  the mighty Fraser River nearly froze over as shown in the picture above.  This happened in 2013.

Others may remember the holiday snow storm that dumped so much snow in the area that many holiday plans were cancelled.

So what do you remember at the Quay?  We would love you to share you holiday moments.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Is The QCB BOARDWALK festival & sale the ultimate way to - REUSE, REPURPOSE, REDUCE & RECYCLE?

More than a hundred tables filled to overflowing with stuff, junk, finds, dust collectors, treasure, antiques, collectibles, bric-a-brac and other indescribable items line the Quayside Boardwalk  from River Market to the rail bridge.  You walk up and down eyeing everything used; as rock music enhances the frenzy of the treasure hunt.  You have selected your purchases, are happy with your finds and head to the many food outlets to grab a bite and re-nourish yourself before you take just one more walk along the promenade...just in case you missed something!

Well, for some the BOARDWALK festival & sale goes something like that.  But for the sellers in the event - they are just interested in passing their well loved, but used goods to someone else who will use and love them like they did over the years.  Instead of throwing it into landfills, we gladly throw it into the arms of a stranger who for some reason - loves it!  And lets be honest, at the Quay there is a LOT OF NICE STUFF TO BE HAD.

Is this the ultimate way to recycle?  Let us know your thoughts, or perhaps you have a story about that favourite piece that now lives in some strangers home .... share with us your comments.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Will the Quayside area be impacted - good or bad - by the current and planned high rise developments scheduled for the Quay and Downtown areas? 

Proposed highrises on the books to be built (that we know of):

1: 1 TOWER 26 Stories: Gyro Building at Carnarvon & 6th Street
2: 1 TOWER New Westminster Masonic Hall at 6th Atreet & Agnes Street 
3: 2 TOWERS Plaza 88 west of McInnes overpass ( Images shows one but two are considered likely)

4: 3 TOWERS Larco Development east of Fraser River Discovery Centre

5: 2 TOWERS Bosa behind Inn at the Quay and west of River Market

 A total of NEW 9 TOWERS to join those already builted or in the process of being built.  These towers will house thousand of more people and likely thousands of more cars.  Cars that will possibly further congest our road system, making movement to and from the Quayside area difficult at best.

What are your thoughts?  Like the development?  Worried about the livability of the area?  Will these new residents take the skytrain and not drive cars?   Is this too much development when there are no plans to build new roads or fix the condition of old ones?  Is this too much within only a few square miles of space?  Is there such a things as a 'view corridor' anymore?  Hass Plaza 88 revied the downtown as the City Council had hoped? 

Share your postivies or concerns.