Tuesday, August 13, 2013


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We received this email from a person who happened to be in a place and overheard a conversation.  As no names are involved and it provides a new perspective on the COAL TRANSFER STATION AT FRASER SURREY DOCKS, we thought we would share it with our Quay-bloggers.  Our question then goes out to those who work or are directly affected by coal at Fraser Surrey Docks, the Car Yard opposite the docks or anyone else who has something to say on the matter.  Are you concerned about handling coal at work?  Note, you can sign your post as 'anonymous' so not to jeoparize your employment.  Of course, we would welcome comment from anyone who reads this email and cares to share. 

"I was sitting at a STARBUCKS with a friend last night when "an insider" revealed that the cause of the fire at Roberts bank (see article hyper-linked below) was spontaneous combustion in a pile of coal similar in composition to the coal proposed to be trans-shipped via Surrey Fraser Docks.

He also indicated that the coal barge operation would only last for the two-month start-up at Surrey Fraser Docks, then boats would likely be brought in to be loaded directly, in which case, coal dust clouds would be even more likely given the differing nature of the loading operation than outlined for the barges. Dust suppression techniques and infrastructure proposed are less sophisticated and effective than the spray mechanism at Roberts Bank Coal Port.  I wonder if this alternative may be linked to the potential for TEXADA ISLAND expansion to handle the barges being met with approval problems given the Island's Trust opposition to the recent application to the Provincial Government for TEXADA ISLAND portion of the Wyoming to China Supply Train operations.

One quarter not heard from yet are the operators of the "Car Import" facility on Anacis Island. Their fear, evidently,  is that the coal dust will settle on the new cars stored there prior to shipping and fuse to the car finish in the hot sun at worst or cause extra cleaning costs for dust removal at best.

Not sure what his angle was, but he was full of "insider" views that many of the Fraser Surrey Dock's individual  employees aren't happy about the prospect of handling coal either.  He also had some interesting information he had gleaned from Roberts Bank Coal terminal employees about working conditions and the effects of Coal dust.

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