Wednesday, April 13, 2011

QUAY QUAKES! Are you ready for a big one?

Japan has taught the entire world a major lesson about life – it is full of the unexpected.
We watched with sheer horror as buildings swayed and a massive waves removed entire towns …and thought …could that happen here on the Quay?  After all we are blessed to live on the shores of the Fraser – could a Tsunami happen to us? 

Both Quakes and Tsunami’s are not only possible here at the Quay but according to some science is probable at some point in the not-to-distant future.  Recent events have renewed the conversation of preparedness among residents of the Quay. 

Do you have a kit in your car or condo?  Do you have a plan to assist your neighbours?  Does your building have an ‘emergency meeting place’ or an ‘evacuation plan’?  Should the Quay exercise a mock emergency drill specific to the Quay in tandem with the City? 

Big questions for The Big One.  Have your say on how you and the Quay can best prepare for a Quay Quake.