Thursday, July 13, 2017

QUAYSIDE BOARDWALK SALE returns a new way!

The QCB has decided to go back-to-basics and will have only the yard sale component – no festival. Gone are the food trucks, the four stages featuring live bands and other festival indicators. Instead, with the cooperation of over 2000 Quay condo owners, the QCB believes this yard sale will continue to be one of the largest, one-day outdoor yard sales in the lower mainland. Each building will facilitate their own sale by coordinating owners and are encouraged to create ‘fun environments’ unique to their building and with a purpose to make the shopping experience memorable.

TO PARTICIPATE:  Contact your QCB Strata Rep or Event Rep for registration form or visit HOME PAGE on

So the question is.  Are you going to 1: Volunteer to organize your building to participate in the yard sale?  Are you going to participate as a vendor?  Are you going to come and be a Treasure Hunter ?