Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The popular and well-attended AGM for the QCB is February 7th, 2018.  One aspect that makes the QCB AGM a draw, is their ability to attract entertaining Guest Speakers who offer commentary on current and relevant topics that affect the Quayside community.

More bus shelters?  Rail connection between Queensborough Ferry Dock to the Casino?  The elections coming this Fall?  Fibre Optic update?  Quayside Drive Rail crossing completion?   Flooding? Boardwalk repairs? ....the topics are seemingly endless.

Are there any issues you would want covered?  Are there any speaker who you think would like to speak and be well received?  It is an election year, would you like to hear anything on this issue?

There is time to the QCB to engage speakers that you would like to see - so have your say.

Please put your comments here so we can all share them or Email us at / SUBJECT AGM 2018.

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